Marketing Materials are Driven by Design: Here’s How! momodesigns April 3, 2022

Marketing Materials are Driven by Design: Here’s How!

How do you perceive a designer when you look at their designs? You either find them too quirky or intelligent, right? Well, we must tell you there is a lot behind executing a successful design!

We are into designing marketing materials and therefore we can’t afford even a single mistake because process matters. So despite the essentials of UI/UX designing, executing design projects by deciding among these three modes is the most tricky yet quite challenging for us.

We take into consideration various factors while applying each mode including the client-first approach.

Thus, in the context of design marketing, a designer uses three modes: representational, abstract, and symbolic. As the name suggests, the representational mode is about representing more in terms of reality and forming a greater connection with the viewers.

It’s tricky for a designer to decide between representation, abstract, and symbolic models of design.



he next one is the abstract design mode, which appeals to the audience’s emotions. And, this mode is mainly used when emotions form the basis of our client’s branding strategy. This approach is different from reality and shows a brighter side of the product to develop a wishful mindset among the audience.

And, the last approach or mode used by the designers is symbolic. It indicates more symbols than actual figures to represent a design. The symbolic mode syncs its definition with the ‘arbitrary systems’ instead.

So, we’re quite thrilled whenever we get the opportunity to decide to work between these designing modes. More than a challenge, it’s a fun part for our team!

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