9 Ways AI is Considered for Good in Product Design momodesigns March 9, 2022

9 Ways AI is Considered for Good in Product Design

Do you know what’s cooking on a big scale in the new formulas of product development? Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the two big names leading this niche right now.

There are solid job vacancies and openings in this field as well for your information. We’re saying that relying only on the technology will not do anything now when advancements within IoT platforms are even at a much greater pace.

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“We don’t want to really scare you but the pace at which AI is booming is alarming to the human race.”


In this article, we’ll discuss the top 9 ways AI is more of a revolution in product development.

  • The graphics and figures from the Digital Product Development 2025 state that AI-centric products are generating more revenues and overtaking even the digital champions of the industry.
  • AI product developers are the most advanced and achieve greater efficiency, economies of scale, and speed within the core stages of product development.
  • AI is the major contributor to the planning, implementation, and execution of railway equipment product systems and lines.
  • AI removes the roadblocks by improving the accuracy of demand forecast in launching new products.
  • AI streamlines the fine-tuning, creation, and revenue contributions of up-sell and cross-sells opportunities by automating the entire procedure.
  • With the greater automation, the time-to-market component is reduced while meeting the flexibility, product quality, and customization requirements.
  • AI can also be used to provide suggestions on and determine the usability of a product for its continuous improvement.
  • AI is offering strong results even in analyzing casual factors for demand forecasting.
  • AI speeds up the whole process of product development as is seen in the case of Nissan vehicles being developed via AI.
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