7 Proven UX Laws to Design an Excellent User Interface momodesigns June 9, 2022

7 Proven UX Laws to Design an Excellent User Interface

Believe it or not, design is the base of every marketing practice you’d like to follow! Do you know what’s behind the success of aesthetically pleasing apps, websites, or logos?

Here are the 7 proven laws that every design follows to the core. Let’s explore them!

People hate designs that hate them.

  • Law of Proximity

Just like the friends hanging out and having fun with each other are said to be close, the same law applies to grouping the similar elements in the design as well.

  • Fitt’s Law

Fitt’s law is defined by the closeness of the target. The near the target, the easier it is to achieve. Placing and highlighting CTA buttons in the design strategy is crucial.

  • Law of similarity

Consistency is important in design too as it looks more organized and the human eye also tends to perceive similar elements as great. So, make sure your design has consistent shapes, typography, or illustrations.

  • Doherty Threshold

With this law, you will have to ensure that you value your audience’s time. You can show this attribute by adding loading indicators or offering animations for increased user engagement.

  • Law of Common Region

Adding a common background as a regio or keeping all your elements inside a shape or a container fulfills this design law appropriately.

  • Hick’s Laws

Are you confusing your visitors with a rain of options? If yes, you’re violating Hick’s laws. Scroll out some of the best apps or websites and check their organization in terms of limited yet useful options given to the visitors.

  • Aesthetic-Usability Ratio


Again, are you just looking for aesthetics and ignoring the usability? We know it’s a bit technical to determine user-centric designs but Momo designs follow each of the 7 laws dedicatedly to offering only the best outcomes to the clients.

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